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Health Articles

Smokers Beware!!
by Dr. Robert Osgoodby

By now, most people are well aware that smoking causes lung cancer. Cigarettes, pipes, cigars, and chewing tobacco kill more than 434,000 Americans each year accounting for one out of five premature deaths in this country. Lung cancer is just the first in a long list of tobacco related illnesses:

  • Bladder Cancer - Smoking causes 40% of all cases of bladder cancer.

  • Breast Cancer - Women who smoke are 75% more likely to develop breast cancer.

  • Cervical Cancer - Up to one third of all cases of cervical cancer are directly attributable to smoking.

  • Childhood Respiratory Ailments - Children exposed to parents tobacco smoke have six times as many respiratory infections as kids of nonsmoking parents.

  • Diabetes - Smoking decreases the body's absorption of insulin.

  • Emphysema - Smoking accounts for up to 85% of all deaths attributable to emphysema.

  • Esophageal Cancer - Smoking accounts for 80% of all cases of esophageal cancer.

  • Gastrointestinal Cancer - Smoking at least doubles the risk of cancer of the stomach and duodenum.

  • Heart Disease - Smokers are up to four times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than nonsmokers.

  • Infertility - Couples in which at least one member smokes are more than three times more likely to have trouble conceiving.

  • Kidney Cancer - Smoking causes 40% of all cases of kidney cancer.

  • Mouth Cancer - Tobacco causes the vast majority of all cancers of the mouth.

  • Premature Aging - Constant exposure to tobacco smoke prematurely wrinkles the facial skin and yellows the teeth and fingernails.

  • Stroke - Smoking doubles the risk of stroke among men and women.

  • Throat Cancer - The vast majority of cases of pharyngeal cancer are directly related to smoking.

While smoking has officially been recognized as a cause of lung cancer, scientists have also confirmed another tobacco danger, that breathing the air containing someone else's smoke (second hand smoke) poses many of the same risk as smoking yourself.

Doctors and Scientists have been reporting on the dangers of tobacco and smoking for nearly four decades. Many serious illnesses are directly attributed to smoking. If you want to live a longer, healthier life ­ quit smoking today!

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Dr. Osgoodby was a finalist in the "EAS Body for Life" Contest. Stop by his web page at to see his before and after pictures and subscribe to his monthly newsletter.

WHAT is Too Fat?
by Teresa King

In this day and age, it seems that more and more women and young teens are starving themselves to be in the current "skinny mode". Why is this happening?

In this overly commercially orientated world, with skinny models all over the world, and people trying to emulate that "look". I am quite sure it started with Twiggy, in the 1960's. I think Twiggy was smart. She looked at her skinny little frame and realized that she was not like most girls, so instead of hiding herself she flaunted it.

Hence, comes skinniness, and billions of dollars are spent each year while women, young and old, try to stay thin.

Health is going down hill. Years ago women had a bit of meat on their bones and were beautiful. Now, they have dry skin. No extra energy. And, in my opinion look like skeletons.

It is one thing, to keep yourself, in shape, by exercising and keeping yourself toned up. It is quite another when you are starving your body, and robbing it of proper nutrients.

One thing that a lot of people are not aware of is what happens when you don't eat enough calories. Your body, a wonderful machine, was built for starving times and feasting time, as food was scarce sometimes and abundant at others. So, when you don't feed your body, your metabolism says "oh, dear, here comes starving times." And, it promptly slows down. Hence, starving and slow weight loss. So what does a person do. He/she eats less calories, and on goes the cycle.

Now we come to the "Yoyo syndrome" heavy, thin, heavy thin, heavy thin, and guess what happens? It gets harder to get the weight off each time. Why is that? Because your body is confused. I was starved, I must slow down. I am getting fed, I must store for starving times. Hence the "Yoyo syndrome.

Now, what is too fat? Too fat is when you are carrying too much fat, and it is hard to move. Hard to breath. Too fat is not because at 5'4 inches you weigh 140 lbs, and the Twiggy friend weighs 115lbs. Each person has a different bone structure and some people have more muscle than others. And, yes, muscle weighs more than fat. Hence a person at 140 lbs may actually have less fat then a person who is the same height at 115 lbs.

If after reading this you still think you are too fat. Or, if you are really too fat. Then the best diet is to exercise, cut down on junk food. Eat healthy foods such as fruits and veggies, whole grains, etc. Drink lots of water. Do not STARVE yourself. Try to get off hydrogenated fats. (And, this will take some reading. You will be surprised how much hydrogenated fats are in packaged foods) your body needs oil, just like a car. It is just some oils are better for you then others. Hydrogenated fats are not needed.

Think build health. Get proper vitamins (all natural are best!) In this day and age there is no way you can get the vitamins you need in the food you are eating. Unless, you watch every single bite, and read a tremendous amount of literature to learn and do so, plus growing your own food, so you know where it is coming from. Do not go hungry. If you want to lose weight don't stuff yourself. Eat frequent small meals, so you never get those out of control binges that low blood sugar causes. So, there you have it in a nutshell.

As you build your health you can smile at that mirror and accept your rosy cheeks, glossy shiny hair, soft skin, and an amazing abundance of energy. So what if you weigh more than you think you should. You are you. Accept yourself. Good luck!

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Live a Longer and Healthier Life
by Herlan Westra

An unexpected research finding with great practical significance is that experimental animals live longer with much lower rates of disease when they consume less than the recommended daily allowance of calories. The finding is unexpected because we associate less-than-optimal nutrition with poor growth and health, and common sense tells us that we do better if we are well nourished. In fact, most of us may be overnourished, and too much of a good thing may be doing us harm.

An adequate diet is one that provides not only enough calories but also all of the nutrients necessary for efficient metabolism without any excesses that promote disease. What constitutes a good diet is a matter of controversy, and much of the controversy is based on emotion rather than reason.

An average person needs less than 2,000 calories daily, with 300 to 400 of the calories coming from fat. Present labeling laws are helpful in determining your caloric intake, but maintaining your weight or losing weight is much more complicated. The FDA supports two ways to diet: increase exercise and decrease the intake of food.

Dieting Can Make You Fat

That's it? The secret to a long and healthy life is diet and exercise? Not really! Metabolism slows down during a diet, and the body burns fewer calories, causing more fat to be stored as a protection against extended "famine." When the food supply is restored, the metabolism is slow to respond, and the body stores even more fat. In humans, this yo-yo phenomenon is harmful - starvation diets simply fool the body into starting a famine cycle. Once the diet is over, we are back to where we started, or worse.

Granted, exercise programs help keep the metabolism active, but most of us are about as committed to our exercise programs as we are to our diets. We fall off the exercise program at the same time we end the diet, increasing the yo-yo effect. Then how should we combine dieting and exercise into a healthy life?

First we need to modify our diets, lowering caloric content without greatly reducing the amount or the appeal of food we consume. The best way of lowering caloric content is by cutting the fat content in our diets. Fat has almost twice as many calories per gram as protein and carbohydrate.

Second we need to restrict caloric intake either by fasting or by eating a limited diet one day a week. Our body's metabolism will not react quick enough to begin a "famine" cycle during a one-day diet. Fasting should include plenty of liquids, with enough fruit juices to maintain a minimum caloric intake. When fasting, reduce the intake of supplemental vitamins and minerals, as some supplements may become toxic if not consumed with adequate amounts of food.

Vitamin Supplements

Our bodies don't benefit from the food we eat, but rather by what is digested, assimilated and eliminated. The food is taken in, broken into smaller and smaller parts until it can be absorbed and the by-products discarded. Enzymes digest all of our food and make it small enough to pass through the intestines into the blood. Enzymes are a part of every metabolic process in the body, from the working of our glands to the proper functioning of our immune system. Enzymes require vitamins and minerals to do their work.

Many manufactured vitamin and mineral supplements, because they are fractionated (broken down into basic elements), are treated as toxic waste in the body. Some minerals in an unnatural form can accumulate and cause harmful effects. Fortunately, many commercial vitamin and mineral supplements are so badly formulated that they pass right through our digestive systems without breaking down and being absorbed. Unfortunately, we haven't received the benefit that we paid for.

Many people are now using all-natural herbal forms of vitamin and mineral supplements. Because these are in a natural form, they are more easily absorbed than manufactured supplements. They are also much less concentrated than manufactured supplements, and so are often safer. However, it is always best to consult with your personal physician before taking any nutritional supplement.

The proper supplements, combined with proper diet and exercise, can help you live a longer and healthier life.

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Herlan Westra is the editor of Rhode Island Foghorn Online Magazine, which provides information and entertainment for a rapidly-growing audience nationwide. Herlan welcomes suggestions for future articles.

A-Z of skin care

Adopt a beauty routine now.

Bin all the products that you haven`t used in the last six months and buy one`s that you really need.

Cut out the cigarettes. They make your teeth yellow, give you spots, make you smell and can kill you. "Need I say any more".

Drink plenty of water. At least 8 glasses a day.

Exercise. Experts say that exercise isn`t just good for your health but also for your skin.

Feed your skin. Eat five portions of fresh fruit or vegetables per day to keep your skin clear.

Greasy skin is a no-no. Chose oil-free moisturisers.

Heat is bad for your skin. Yes heat can dry your skin out so cool down.

Irritated skin needs a break. Don't conceal it with makeup unless you really have to. The more make-up you apply to your skin the worse you will look as you age.

Kissing is good for exercising the face muscles. So go on get snogging.

Leg waxing will keep your legs clean, soft and will make them feel and look good also.

Moisturise your skin daily.

Neck moisturising will slow your aging and stop the lines showing as much.

Oh-no. Don`t squeeze those spots. Squeezing spots leave scars and will make your face look like a mass of craters.

Puffed eyes, use cucumbers.

Quit eating junk food. It poisons your skin.

Remove make-up before going to sleep.

Soap free. Don`t use soap or scented products on your face.

The T-Zone hot spot that's across your forehead and down the bridge of your nose is where most grease is found.

Understand your skin and care for it`s specific needs.

Vitamin supplements are a quick-fix solution when you are on the go but don`t forget to include vitamins into your every day food.

Waste not want not make a face pack from the things in your cupboard.

EXfoliate - but go easy on yourself. Once a week is enough.

You, you, you. Go on treat yourself. Spend a whole day relaxing and pampering yourself. Or better still get a man to do it for you. AH heaven.

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